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Standard Single Pipe Supports

Standard Single Pipe Supports


Submittal Data (83 KB, PDF)
Pedestal Plus Flyer (7 MB, PDF)
  • Accomodates pipe up to 6"
  • Standard RPS equipment rail base
  • Galvanized steel slide channel
  • Galvanized continuously threaded rods
  • Adjusts 12" vertically & horizontally
  • Cast iron pipe roller
  • Removable retainer bracket

Size Chart

Model NoPipe SizeABCD
PMP-22"4 1/8"12"3 5/16"19 5/16"
PMP-44"7"12"5 1/8"15"
PMP-66"9 3/4"12"6 7/16"12 1/4"

When pipe line is insulated, total outsode diameter of pipe and covering should be used to determine size of roller.