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Conventional Roof Curbs

The solution for mounting duct equipment

Custom fabricated to fit all manufacturers' skylights, power roof exhausters, intake and relief vents, smoke hatches, flues, or job fabricated items . Provides uniform curb construction, method, and quality, with watertight design. Simple to detail, convenient for contractors, minimum architectural field supervision, low known cost.

Wood Nailers

The sure way of attaching roof felts. Eliminating felts from slipping, sagging or buckling. Helps eliminate vibration hum.


Internal 3 lb. density rigid fiberglass board, built-in where it can't be omitted. Provides condensation-free openings  and aids in sound absorption.

Welded Construction

Continuous welded corners creates rigid monolithic construction  and is designed to meet project weight requirements.

Galvanized Steel

Provides maximum strength with minimum expansion and contraction.

Optional Features

  • Height to suit project requirements
  • Built-in slope to suit project requirements
  • Built-in burglar bars
  • Extended base plate for damper installation
  • Heavier gauges
  • Liners
  • Aluminum construction
  • Neoprene gasket
  • Temporary covers

Common Styles Used