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Roof Curbs

Helpful Hints

Specify prefabricated roof curbs and related products by a roof curb manufacturer (not with, or by, the equipment manufacturer).  Specify prefab roof curbs for use with all roof penetrations and roof mounted equipment including, and not limited to, HVAC units, duct openings, pipe penetrations, power roof exhauster, intake and relief vents, flues, or job fabricated items.  All roof curbs, equipment rails, pipe and duct mounting pedestals, and pipe penetration systems to be specified together, bought by one contractor, and installed by one contractor.  All curbs to be provided by one roof curb manufacturer.

Fully welded and assembled • saves installation time and money • no chance of missing parts • no field assembly required
Factory GREENGUARD insulated • alleviates the coordination problem of providing insulation for roof curbs by either the mechanical contractor or the roofer. This problem is rarely addressed and roof curbs go uninsulated causing condensation problems.
Pitched to match roof configuration • allows equipment to stay level • saves installation time and money by eliminating shimming • provides uniform loading surface unlike shimmed curbs which rely on point loading
Designed to meet roofing system proper curb style matches roof system and eliminates leak situations • eliminates costs by preventing roofer from having to alter curb to meet design requirements
All roof curbs delivered at the same time • eliminates any delay in project • all curbs mounted at one time
Single source responsibility • one contractor to co-ordinate and install all curbs
One specification required • saves time and money • eliminates confusion in trades
Curb uniformity • all curbs same style, height, and proper pitch
Dollar savings • reduce multiple markups • helps keep projects within budget