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Pipe Portal Systems

The Solution for Weathertight Penetration Seals

RPS Pipe Portal® Flashing Systems are a versatile, leakproof, and weathertight solution to routing pipes through a  roof.  The RPS Pipe Portal® System is designed to allow for both vertical and horizontal pipe movement, yet provide a maintenance-free permanent installation which accommodates round pipe sizes of 3/8" up to 12".  The key to the effectiveness of the Pipe Portal® System is the cover and cap.  The seamless cover is molded of UV-resistant ABS plastic which has a factory laminated acrylic coating to give high resistance to deterioration from both ozone and ultraviolet rays of the sun, as well as a serviceable temperature range of -40°F to +160°F.  Integral to the cover is a molded collar with sealing ring which mechanically locks the flexible cap to the cover creating a Weather-Tite Pressure Seal.  The flexible rubber caps are molded of time-proven EPDM rubber which is resistant to deterioration from both ozone and ultraviolet rays of the sun with a serviceable temperature range of -60°F to +250°F.  The conically-shaped steps of the nipple(s) provide a taut waterproof seal around the pipe(s) and the furnished stainless steel clamp(s) give added protection to guarantee the pipe seal(s).

RPS Curbs

The sure way of attaching roof flashing. Insulated sidewalls to prevent condensation.

Molded ABS Cover

UV and ozone resistant, crowned to shed water, reinforcing ribs to counteract snow loads and integral counterflashing with drip edge to direct water away from flashings.

Molded EPDM Rubber Cap

Precision molded to fit actual pipe sizes, integral mechanical lock to cover with Weather-Tite Pressure Seal, allows flexibility in any direction while maintaining pipe seal.

Stainless Steel Clamp (s)

Provides additional assurance of effective pipe seal at cap.


Provide premanufactured Pipe Portal® flashing systems as manufactured by Roof Products & Systems, at all necessary roof penetrations 12" or less, or as shown on drawings.  Each Pipe Portal® flashing system shall include an RPS premanufactured roof curb of style as shown on drawings or as specified for roof curbs, single or double Pipe Portal® flashing system cover(s), and molded EPDM rubber cap(s) with stainless steel clamp(s).  EPDM rubber shall have a serviceable temperature range of -60°F to +270°F and be resistant to ozone and ultraviolet rays.  Use N18 Cap for up to four- 3/8" to 1" pipes, N21 Cap for up to four- 1" to 2" pipes, N28 Cap for up two- 3/8" to 1" pipes and up to two- 1" to 2" pipes, N62 Cap for single pipe from 2" to 6", and N182 Cap for single pipe 8" to 12" pipe.  For all pipes larger than 13" diameter, use RPS Special Pipe Portal® Flashing System.