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For panel rib pre-engineered metal building roofs

For panel rib pre-engineered metal building roofs


Submittal Data (97 KB, PDF)
  • 18 gauge galvalume® steel
  • 1-1/2", 3 LB. density GREENGUARD fiberglass insulation
  • Unitized construction
  • Built-In cricket
  • Continuous welded watertight seams
  • Standard overall height 8" unless specifically addressed


Provide factory-insulated premanufactured roof curbs of Style RC-7 as manufactured by Roof Products & Systems, Bensenville, IL, at all roof openings as shown on drawings.  Curbs shall be of box section design with full base plate, 18 gauge galvalume® steel with continuous welded seams, integral water deflecting cricket, and shall be insulated with 1-1/2" thick 3 lb. density rigid fiberglass board encapsulated top and bottom.  Curbs shall include any required internal stiffeners to support specified equipment above.  Minimum curb height to be 8" or as shown on drawings and shall accommodate designed deck slope to provide level mounting surface for specified equipment above.  Premanufactured curbs shall include all burglar bars, liners, and other options as specifically shown on drawings.  Field assembled curbs not acceptable.

Condition 1-Seperate Cap Cells

Condition 1-
Separate Cap Cells
Allows for flexibile feild positioning by contractor


Condition 3-OVer/Over

Condition 3-Over/Over
For Installaion over the front and rear roof panels

Condition 2-Under/Under 

Condition 2-Under/Under
Flat curbs flanges for installation below roof panels


Condition 4-Over/Under

Condition 4-Over/Under
For installation over the rear panel and under the front panel